Save Trumpet Records!

Thanks for checking us out. I have negotiated a deal with the owners of "309" Farish Street in Jackson, MS, the original location of Trumpet Records. The city has designated the first and second block of Farish Street as a historic/entertainment district, basically making it "open season" for investors and developers. The agreement I have will enable me to build a museum and studio in the same building that housed Trumpet Records, without fear of being outbid.

This page is designed for comments, Q&A's, or general discussions. Perhaps you know someone with a passion for the music brought to us by Trumpet Records, or some one with some second generation recording equipment cluttering their studio. There may be some genuine 78 rpm records you'd like to donate or "loan" to the museum. It could be you can makes suggestions to steer me right.

If you'd like to keep posted on the developments of the "SAVE TRUMPET RECORDS" project, sign up. We'll try to keep you as informed as possible.

Sherman Lee Dillon


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